Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What's Worse Than Finding A Poop in Your Salad?

This is me pointing to a tiny stain on my pants. This stain occurred during lunch at Bryant Park. I saw it land, which leaves 2 options for how it got there:
  1. A bird pooped on me
  2. A drop of my salad dressing fell on me
On the one hand, it looks like bird poop (was white, black on my napkin), which makes me think that... it's bird poop. On the other hand, it's a tiny drop, which makes me think that it's salad dressing.

If it's bird poop, I got shat on today. If it was in my salad, my salad had something in it that looked curiously like, but may very well not have been, bird poop.

This may be the worst kind of catch of all. I have no idea which I would prefer.

1 comment:

  1. The other day I was clearing away sticks from the yard and I think I lifted up some hardened goose poop. If poop doesn't smell, it's hard to recognize it as poop.