Monday, May 18, 2009

The Secret of the Postsecret

The first postcard from this week's Postsecret blog post is a potent and touching one:

Now, here is her logic:
  1. You get punished for not believing in god
  2. She doesn't believe in god
  3. She will get punished (in this case, that her husband "won't come home")
You good with that?

I'm not.

This woman is worried that her lack of belief in god deserves to be/ will be punished. Well, who would dole out that punishment? God! If you truly don't believe in god, then you also don't believe he has the ability to punish anyone. Since she thinks that her lack of belief in god will be punished by god.... she must, by definition, believe in god. Therefore her husband can't be punished for any lack of belief.

All in all, I guess by her logic, this is great news for her. Her true secret is that she does believe in god.

Now it's time to resume reading this week's blog post to find out if someone eats their coworker's tuna sandwich.

1 comment:

  1. classic syllogism. cross-reference ontological arguments for the existence of god.