Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A&E - 4th Largest Cable Network. Redux.

This is my second attempt at defending A&E for their claim of being the fourth "largest" cable network. I think this time, with help from Amicus Blogus Butch, I've cracked the case. Let's take a look at their hit shows:

1) Dog the Bounty Hunter-
2) CSI: Miami -

3) Gene Simmons Family Jewels -

4) The Two Coreys -

Clearly, then A&E is the 4th Largest Cable Network - when measured in douchebag wearing sunglasses terms.

It's actually surprising to fall to number 4, but it's going up against juggernauts in the top 3 spots:
3) The How to Hide Your Eyes From Noticeable Signs of Drug Usage Network
2) The Poker Channel
1) The Michael Phelps Network

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