Thursday, May 28, 2009

Archie, You Callous Bastard

I really shouldn't spend any more words expressing my anger with Archie, but one other thing needs to be mentioned. Take a look at the cover of the comic:

So, yes, I am upset he chose Veronica over Betty, but there is something else also. Look who is there when he gets engaged to Veronica. It's Jughead (best friend, maybe he is there for moral support, maybe he is there to take pictures or video... understandable) and BETTY!

Why is Betty there? They're in a jewelry store (which is ridiculously tacky on its own merits. They just picked out the ring. What's the rush? Did Archie get Veronica pregnant? Is that what this is all about?) so it's possible that she just happened to walk by but... that would be one hell of a coincidence.

Much more likely is that Archie actually invited Betty to witness this moment in his and Veronica's life. Which brings me to my point... Archie, you are a callous bastard. If I'd known all along that this is who you were, I never would have rooted for you and Betty in the first place.


  1. Don't worry, in next weeks comic, Archie gets engaged to Betty. No explanation is given.

  2. And then in the week after Archie gets engaged to Midge. Then Moose kills him.

    Then the next week he is alive, trying to get the ol' jalopee to compete in a race against Reggie.

    It's really a hell of a comic series.

  3. This is bullshit