Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CNN Can't Keep Up with All the Lingo the Kids are Using Nowadays

A gloriously confusing lede from CNN:

She was "shaky" because she "breezed through to the finals."

Can't you just picture the CNN headline writer? You know... shaky - as in "steady." Like the kids say it - the way bad means good and sick means healthy?

Sadly, Urban Dictionary (the place you go to find out the was real kidz speak) does not have CNN's back:
Shaky - Not definite, risky, not very skillful
Example - Erika's skills at driving are kinda shaky after she kills mad beers at Nadine's house.
Turns out that "shaky" just means "shaky."

I also think it's cool that Urban Dictionary got a dad from a Hillary Duff movie to write the example for them.

CNN's mistake. Like the kids say, "my bad." No biggie. LOL :-)

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