Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today is the Day the Cranks were Right

Remember when the Reality TV boom hit and moralist cranks everywhere bellowed a cacophony of warnings about the repercussions of mixing "reality" and tv? And then all those The Truman Show-like movies came out about these terrible games where we will have people kill themselves for our enjoyment. Well, the cranks were right:
TV host Wallace Souza is accused of ordering hits on criminal rivals and then covering the deaths for ratings... Wallace Souza, a state legislator and former host of a police TV show called "Canal Livre," also was a drug trafficker, officials say. And to get rid of the competition -- and drive up ratings -- he would order that criminal rivals be killed and then would have his camera crews arrive first on the scene, authorities say.

Sorry Cranks. You were right.

Movies like this always scared my mom. And if these are coming true, I fear she'll never get over her next biggest movie-fear:

That someone will steal Sandra Bullock's identity.

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