Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sorry Mario, But Your Princess is in Another... OH GOD, THEY'RE LEARNING!

I am sharing this because...
  1. Sharing means caring
  2. This is genuinely very funny and fodder for an excellent sketch. What if the ghosts in pacman figured out how to eat the fruit? Or the Foot clan figured out that they could eat pizza and power up? ("That's why the Ninja Turtles never die! I've hit them with my sword sooo many times. This is crazy. The boxes are just sitting there! Beebop, Rocksteady... You guys have to eat this!")
  3. According to my Google Reader, this comes from Iran! Doesn't that make you feel a little happy inside? We may not agree about all weapons, but we all see eye to eye about proper usage for mushrooms, flowers, and invincibility causing stars.


  1. I dont think the bad guys can really use the mushrooms

  2. If we can't see eye to eye on this, then there's no hope for the eventual Iranian nuclear standoff to end well.