Thursday, August 13, 2009

"But It Was A Really Sweet Car"

Any one who is involved with child pornography in any way has serious psychological, moral, and legal problems. But when your need for child pornography is so great that you negotiate trading a car for naked pictures of an 11-year old, you are -amazingly- MUCH more screwed up than a typical child pornographer (and that is a hard level to be much more screwed up than). But two people in Spain are actually that messed up:
Spanish police have arrested an 18-year-old for allegedly trying to sell nude photographs of his 11-year-old sister in exchange for a car... The teenager did not get the car, but he did post several nude photographs of his sister online as a sample of what he could offer to the potential buyer, a 25-year-old man who has also been arrested, a police inspector said.
So here are the levels of screwed up as we have them:
1) People involved in child pornography
2) People so involved in child pornography that they'd sell their car for it

and i think we have to add a third level...
3) People who don't actually care about child pornography, but want a car so badly that they'd distribute pictures of their little sister

Seriously, isn't the 18 year old brother even more screwed up than the 25 year old? The 25 year old is screwed up because he cares about child pornography, because something in his brain makes him interested in that. That's messed up. And thankfully, illegal. But the 18 year old brother is screwed up because he doesn't care about child pornography and he doesn't care to the extent that he doesn't care if other people do care. He doesn't care so much that he'd swap pictures of his underage sister... for a car. It's not even a big deal to him. And that- to me- is sicker.

To care about child pornography is sick, to not understand why people care about creeps who are attracted to child pornography is insane.

This one other tidbit from the story made my brain go whaaaa (emphasis mine):
Police soon arrested the 25-year-old man in Santander for suspected child pornography. He allegedly entered online social networking sites posing as a young girl, aiming to persuade girls to post nude photographs of themselves, the police statement said.
What? That was his plan? He went with "hey, I am totally just another regular girl your age. isn't hanna Montana the best? We should have an online sleepover! where we're naked. let's send pictures. And remember, I am just a regular, girl your age and not a 25 year old mustachioed creep emailing from a windowless van, so it's ok."

If they're going to be creeps out there, I am much happier that they be incredibly dumb and hopefully unable to achieve their disgusting goals. This includes the 18 year old, who "did not get the car, but he did post several nude photographs of his sister online as a sample of what he could offer to the potential buyer."

I only wish he was too dumb to figure out how to post photos online.

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