Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Facebook Redesign

A girl with the thinnest skin in the world (take your time imagining what that would actually look like) got rhinoplasty surgery because of a facebook comment:
Lowri Ryland, 21, was horrified when a friend posted a message on her site saying: 'With a nose that big you should wear a mask to cover it up.' The stunning brunette, who has just completed her law degree at Cardiff University, immediately made an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon and drew £3,500 from her savings for the operation.
I empathize. I once got liposuction because people kept facebook poking me.

It worked out great for me. How's it going for her?
She has now replaced her Facebook picture with a new one showing her redesigned nose. 'Since putting pictures of the new me on Facebook, I've been inundated with compliments,' she said.
Of course, there is also this new picture of her circulating online, found in the Daily Mall's article:
Lowri Ryland after her nose job

Man, with surgical scars that big, she should wear a mask to cover it up.

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