Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Can't Spell Dictator Without "Dick"

Let he who has not been duped by a guy into carrying on an online affair under the pretense that he was actually a she cast the first stone.

Hold on while I gather some rocks to throw at Antonio Castro, Fidel Castro's son (yup, actual image. I guess Communism hasn't been bad for everyone, Ladies.)

because that's exactly what happened to him:
Luis Dominguez, a 46-year-old Cuban activist from Miami, said that posing as "Claudia Valencia," a 20-something brunette beauty from Cartagena, Colombia, he engaged in an online flirtation with Antonio "Tony" Castro Soto del Valle.
Okay. Castro got taken by an activist. It happens. I guess. But there is one part that really throws me for a loop:
"Claudia" and Castro exchanged e-mails, Internet chats, and at one point even used streaming live Web video to communicate.
Now I can see how you'd be fooled over email or chat, heck, even over the phone. But when Castro started streaming live web video with "Claudia," and "she" looked like - well- a 46 year old Cuban man, that doesn't tip you off?

And what about Luis Dominguez? Where is the activism here? Isn't this just shtick? But shtick where you suspect he sort of liked it also? If we can call posing online as a hot woman "activism," the van owning segment of the population just got a lot more politically savvy.

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