Tuesday, June 2, 2009

DeAngelo Hall drops 25 Points - in Madden and in Life

(hattip Matt Mosley for the story)

My fascination with professional football players' fascination with Madden is well blogumented. My favorite part is:
"The more I talk to players, the more I realize how important these video game ratings really are. These numbers are talked about in the locker rooms and even on the practice field. When somebody misses a block, guys will joke about how his rating just dropped five points."
But not really, right? I mean these are adults. They won't get bogged down with how a video game scores them. I mean, take Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who fell precipitously from last year's game from a 93 to a 68. It probably won't affect him. Right? DeAngelo?
"Ah, I'm feelin' good, man. We just keep trying to get better, but, yeah, I'm trying to blow off some steam with my Madden rating... As the release date gets closer, I'm starting to get a little bit more paranoid, I'm thinking about trying to get my name and likeness pulled off the game entirely. 'Cause this is bull."
To repeat, DeAngelo Hall is thinking of holding out... from Madden. This game gets more real every year.

But the best part...
The Redskins blogger asks the important question- "What about EA making in-season improvements to the ranking?" Good question. DeAngelo?
"They do that as the season goes on, so hopefully if I grab ten or twelve [interceptions], and get my respect back, my dignity back... I'm a little disappointed in the system. Good thing I don't play the game for Madden ratings."
You hear that, Madden? He doesn't play football for Madden ratings. So screw you. On the other hand, he does get his respect and dignity from madden ratings. So screw... him?

It's confusing but we now know 3 things:
  1. DeAngelo Hall does not play football for respect or dignity. (following his logic)
  2. DeAngelo Hall's respect and dignity has dropped from a 93 to a 68.
  3. NFL players' fascination with Madden is amazing to behold.

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