Monday, June 15, 2009

I Figured Out Where the Suns Went Wrong

And the answer came straight to me, vis RSS feed:

It's a good approach - getting "basketball value" in trades. It's so good in fact, that the average fan probably would have thought to do this all along. And that's the difference between fans and General Managers. General Managers are smart enough to figure this stuff out.

So to all the opposing teams who were offering the snacks their mom gave them, their place in line, baseball cards, or letting the Suns "be your best friend" for Shaq, well-they can just forget it. They're taking basketball value only now.

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  1. I believe the "basketball value" comment is made here in contradistinction to other obvious values, such as "The Big Aristotle and Hobo Master value" and "The Big Baryshnikov value."

    Reports are that O'Neal is not concerned, saying that his "basketball value" is, quote, Shaqtastic.