Thursday, June 25, 2009

TMZ is Ahead of Dick Polman by Two Weeks

(hattip to Amicus Bloggus, Kraut)

Dick Polman, political pundit, took the Mark Sanford opportunity to come up with a joke that was timely 4 months ago. In those 4 months, he seems not to have constructed the line beyond its most basic formulation. This is Polman's closing line on Governor Sanford:
Turned out he was working on his own stimulus package.
At least he could have played off Sanford's attempted refusal of the bailout money. Something like "I guess we now know why Sanford was refusing the stimulus package... he had his own on the side."

Lastly, and this is key, when your name is indistinguishable from a made up porn name - you really want to be wary about making penis jokes. Okay, Dick Polman?

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