Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rappers Tea Light

I'm sorry, Ms. Goldberg, this is for real.

Jonathan Gutstadt is laid back, sippin' on chivas and juice. He is the latest in a string of jewish hip hop artists. But for him, it's not all about the binyamins. It's about religion. Because Jonathan:
is merging traditional Shabbat prayers with hip-hop in an effort to connect the contemporary generation with centuries-old prayers... The "prayerformace," aptly dubbed by Hip-Hop Shabbat is a modernized version of the Shabbat service, which combines the traditional Friday night prayers with rapping and dancing, backed up by pre-recorded hip-hop, reggae, electronica and dub beats... [including] spin-offs of traditional Friday night liturgy such as "Shalom Aleichem," and Jewish songs like "Oseh Shalom."
It's all fun and games until Hip-Hop Shabbat and Matisyahu start an East Bank-West Bank battle.

It needs to be asked - How pissed off is Etan G right now? He was way ahead of the Jewish hip hop trend. Unless, of course, this is just shmutz off his shoulder.


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  1. Here are some melodies he adapts to prayers:

    - "Get Up" to Modeh Ani

    - "Fire Burning" to all of Korbanos

    - "Buy You a Drank" to Kiddush

    - "Soul Survivor" to Yedid Nefesh

    - "Love in this Club" to Ahava Rabba

    - "Swagga Like Us" to Ata B'chartanu

    - "Out Here Grindin'" to Pitum Haketores

    - "Sorry, Blame It On Me" to Ashamnu Bagadnu

    - "The Sound of Revenge" to Parshat Amalek

    - "Don't Do It" to the Tochacha