Monday, July 27, 2009

Hate Jews? We've Got an App for That

Tablet Magazine brings word of a new iPhone app for Jews looking for a shul (emphasis mine):
We received word of a new iPhone application that seems absolutely essential for a Jew-on-the-go: it uses your location, which the iPhone captures via GPS, to tell you where the closest synagogues are to you, “from a database of almost 5,000 shuls.” The program, which is produced by Lost Tribe Apps, also lists the synagogues by denomination and size, and even contains many rabbis’ names and contact information.
Um... Isn't this potentially a tragically horrific application in the wrong hands? If you were a militant skinhead/ white supremacist, wouldn't you be downloading this app?

It would go right next to the "Hitlerize Me" icon.


  1. Um, not really. If you wanted to terrorize or a shul, the location of one would probably be enough, you wouldn't need to find all of them. Also, this isn't exactly top secret information, you could see it from the street if you're driving by.

  2. Fine, but we can at least agree that this makes antisemitic violence fashionable. They probably sit around dancing to U2, finding the nearest restaurants and plotting. All while wearing their hipster nazi glasses.